Elon Musk Says Dems Using Illegal Immigration To Increase Their Electoral Power

Billionaire tech executive and X owner Elon Musk offered some insights into how Democrats increase their electoral power with illegal immigration. In a video posted to X, Musk broke down what he believes is the Democratic Party’s “plan to entrench single party rule” in the United States.

“One, flood the country with untold millions of illegals by land, sea, and air from all over the world — enough to eclipse the populations of 36 individual U.S. states so far. Two, prioritize the needs of these millions of non-citizens over the needs of the American citizen with free flights, buses, hotels, meals, and phones — ensuring their loyalty to the political party that imported them,” he said.

He then went on to lay down the third plan, which he believes is to keep illegal immigrants in the country even when they commit violent crimes like murder. According to Musk, that part of the plan also includes labeling critics of illegal immigration as “critics” and attacking the language used to describe illegal immigrants.

Going on to the next two steps, Musk stated, “Four, ensure their privileges are made irrevocable with city and state sanctuary laws that act as population magnets, codify permanent status, and ensure non-cooperation with ICE. Five, count the non citizens in the census that will determine congressional apportionment and the House of Representatives — as of now, that would equal 13 extra congressional districts, a tremendous amount of electoral power.”

“Six, wage a massive, heavily-funded lawfare campaign to change state voting laws that legalize mass mail-in ballots, no signature verification, and no proof of citizenship requirements — making it nearly impossible to prove voter fraud. Seven, lock in the permanent voting majority with campaign promises of lavish benefits and permanent privileges, enshrining generational fealty to the Democrat Party,” he added.

According to Musk, by the time the party has successfully completed plan seven, it must have entrenched the single-party rule and would only have to start dominating in electors.

Musk has spoken against the Biden administration’s inaction toward illegal immigration multiple times. On Friday, he called for what he believes would be a solution to the crisis while reacting to a post showing a New York resident criticizing the administration’s handling of the outpouring of illegal immigrants into the country.

“There is either a red wave this November or America is doomed. Imagine four more years of this getting worse …” he said.

In another tweet last week, the South-African-born entrepreneur criticized the Biden administration over the border situation saying, “Why does the radical far left Biden administration welcome violent illegals into America to prey upon your friends & family? We are even warned by other countries that it is insane to make America a haven for their convicted criminals!”