Former Transgender Icon, Milo, Shares Regret Over Gender Transition

In a stunning reversal of her previous identity, a biological female, once celebrated as a transgender pioneer, has resurfaced to share her deep regret over a life-altering decision. In a heartfelt 27-minute YouTube video released on Wednesday, Milo opened up about the harrowing journey that has left her emotionally scarred, hairy, and possibly infertile.

Born a girl, Milo first captured the public’s attention in 2016 when she was featured in MTV’s documentary, “Transformation.” At the time, Milo, who was embarking on a female-to-male transition, exuded confidence as she revealed that she legally identified as a male.

In the MTV documentary, Milo’s journey as a transgender child received comprehensive coverage, including discussions on pronouns and the dynamics of parent-child relationships.

However, seven years have passed, and Milo now finds herself regretting her decisions. In her YouTube post, she expressed bitter remorse for the transition that has left her with physical and emotional wounds that seem irreversible.

Milo revealed that her decision to transition was partially influenced by traumatic experiences during her teenage years, where she faced bullying from other girls and a fear of objectification by men due to her feminine body.

Admitting her vulnerability, Milo stated, “I think I was misguided and rushed into treatment before exploring all possible avenues of my feelings. I was also afraid to admit my discomfort with my own sexuality.”

“This is something I hoped I would never say, but I think I regret medically transitioning to male. I completely regret everything I’ve done; I’ve been miserable,” she went on to say.

Expressing deep regret as she no longer identifies with the person she was in the past, Milo went on to detail the multitude of health complications she encountered during her journey on testosterone. According to her, she underwent a hysterectomy, a double mastectomy, and even had an ovary removed due to medical complications. 

Now, the toll on her is evident as she complained about a thinning hairline, facial fat accumulation from steroids, a deeper voice, facial stubble, and excessive body hair, which are all issues now that she is ready to embrace her natural self again.

“I’m a lot fatter and uglier than I used to be,” she stated.

The burdens of the work she has to do to be anything close to her former self again also weigh heavily on Milo, as she expressed the weariness she feels about the process of vocal training and laser hair removal.

“I keep thinking about how, if I ever want to be perceived as a woman by society, I now have to go through these additional steps. But I’m just so tired,” she stated.

Milo’s experience resonates with an increasing number of teenagers who are rushed into life-altering decisions regarding their gender identity, only to experience later regrets and unforeseen medical complications.

While there are no precise statistics on how many people experience detransition, estimates suggest that it could range from 1 to 25 percent of transgender individuals.