Hillary Clinton TAKES Aim At ‘MAGA Republicans’ Over Heat Wave

The blame game favored by left-wing politicians has evolved to blaming Republicans for the hot weather conditions in the United States. In a Twitter post on Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed Republicans aligned with former President Donald Trump are responsible for the sweltering summer heat wave sweeping the nation. 

The statement came as a response to a post from left-wing think Center for American Progress accusing “MAGA Republicans” of fueling the climate crisis. The post spotlighted the rising temperatures and pointed out that Republicans had voted against the Democrats’ $739 billion climate package known as the Inflation Reduction Act.

Hillary Clinton wasted no time in expressing her agreement with the think tank’s message, quipping, “Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office.” 

The Democrats’ climate initiatives were rolled into last summer’s Inflation Reduction Act, which Democrats managed to pass using reconciliation in the Senate, sidestepping Republican resistance. 

Not a single Republican in either the House or Senate supported the bill, leading Democrats to assert that GOP inaction on climate change contributes to the above-average summer temperatures in the United States.

Unsurprisingly, many Republicans saw Clinton’s messaging as an attempt to politicize the weather. Dr. Nicole Saphier, a Fox News contributor, criticized the move, calling for equal scrutiny of other countries like China and India, whose carbon emissions are significant contributors to climate concerns.

“Unless you’re going to say in the same tweet that you want to call out China and India and many others, not just MAGA Republicans, because their fraction of carbon emissions is much lower than the rest of these people that she continues to be soft on,” she stated, during a discussion on the topic.

Clinton’s post also triggered a storm on social media, with users finding the idea of blaming Republicans for the weather ridiculous. 

“Lady who do you think is in charge right now,” commented Republican strategist Matt Whitlock, pointing to the irony of her claims, considering the White House and the Senate are currently controlled by Democrats. 

“They are now directly blaming “MAGA Republicans” for the temperature outside. The Democrat Party has fallen fully into a state of primitive superstition. They have all the scientific credibility of an Aztec priest in the year 1450,” political commentator Matt Walsh wrote.

“What pray tell would the temperature in Phoenix be today if you had been elected President?’ asked Stephen Miller, a top official in the Trump White House.