House Dems Vote Against Bill To Deport Illegal Aliens Convicted Of DUI

The majority of House Democrats voted against legislation that would see to the deportation of illegal aliens who are caught drunk driving. The “Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act” sought to establish drunk driving as grounds for ineligibility to be in the United States.

In the vote that was held on Wednesday, 150 House Dems voted against the bill which would have allowed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to hold illegal immigrants convicted of driving under the influence and process their deportation.

The bill was, however, passed as 215 House Republicans voted in favor of the bill alongside 59 House Democrats.

Explaining the bill’s essence on the House floor before the vote, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) stated, “There was a newlywed couple from my hometown of Enterprise, Alabama, named Angel and Jeremy Seay. I knew them personally. Angel and Jeremy were riding their motorcycle together when an illegal immigrant under the influence of alcohol collided into them with his pickup. Their lives were cut dramatically short.”

“Sadly, tragedies like this are not uncommon across our country,” Moore added.

After the bill was passed, the lawmaker took to X to appreciate the support the bill received.

His tweet read, “Today, my legislation that forces President Biden to deport illegal immigrants who drive drunk or impaired passed the House. I thank my @HouseGOP colleagues for joining me to protect American families by ensuring illegals who commit these offenses are off our streets.”

This is the second of such legislation to pass the House this week, as the House also passed a legislation that would let ICE agents swiftly deport illegal immigrants who have been convicted of Social Security fraud against Americans. 155 House Democrats also voted against that bill while 55 of them joined 217 House Republicans to vote in its support.

The bill, proposed by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), would also prevent foreign nationals who have committed social security fraud or identity fraud in the past from entering the country.