James Biden Says Biden Was Never Involved In His Business Ventures

President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on Wednesday that Biden has never had any financial interest in his business ventures.

During his opening statement, James said, “I have had a 50-year career in a variety of business ventures. Joe Biden has never had any involvement or any direct or indirect financial interest in those activities. None.”

James also spoke to his brother’s character and integrity, saying that he always kept his professional life separate from their personal relationship due to his “intimate knowledge of my brother’s personal integrity and character.”

“I never asked my brother to take any official action on behalf of me, my business associates, or anyone else. In every business venture in which I have been involved, I have relied on my own talent, judgment, skill, and personal relationships — and never my status as Joe Biden’s brother. Those who have said or thought otherwise were either mistaken, ill informed, or flat-out lying,” he stated.

“With my appearance here today, the Committees will have the information to conclude that the negative and destructive assumptions about me and my relationship with my brother Joe are wrong,” he added.

When he arrived at Capitol Hill on Wednesday morning, reporters asked him what he planned to tell lawmakers and he replied, “The truth.”

James’ closed-door deposition comes a week ahead of Hunter Biden’s scheduled deposition for next week. He had been subpoenaed in November to appear for the deposition as part of the impeachment inquiry into Biden.

According to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, the panel determined that members of the Biden family as well as their “related companies” and business associates received “significant payments from individuals and companies in China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Romania.”

The committee reportedly found out that the first family and their business associates raked in over $24 million between 2014 and 2019 through an influence peddling scheme in which they sold Biden as “the brand.”

In addition to being questioned on whether Biden had anything to do with his family’s foreign business ventures, he was to be questioned on two checks he wrote to Biden which were supposedly meant as “loan repayment.”

One of the checks, one of $200,000 was tied to Americore, a rural hospital operator with financial issues. The check to Biden was written on the same day Americore reportedly wired a loan of $200,000 into James and his wife Sara Biden’s personal bank account.

“Americore — a distressed company — loaned money to James Biden, who then sent it to Joe Biden,” Comer said in an attempt to point to the anomaly of the White House’s claims of an harmless loan repayment.

The $40,000 payment Biden received from James was also found to be “laundered China money,” according to Comer.

But James’ testimony claimed otherwise. While he admitted to becoming involved with Hunter’s business venture with Chinese energy firm CEFC, he said the venture was straightforward and he supported Hunter because he felt he needed guidance and emotional support to cope with his marriage ending and the death of his brother Beau.

“There was never any effort to disguise that our joint venture was with a Chinese company. We made that fact clear to everyone with whom we spoke. In short, my role and experience with CEFC bears no resemblance to the false narrative that some have promoted. My brother played no role, was not involved with, and received no benefits from my work with CEFC,” she stated.