Schools Concealing Students’ Gender Identity From Parents Exposed

Parents Defending Education has uncovered a concerning trend in schools across the nation regarding students’ gender identity. According to the prominent organization advocating for parental rights, several school districts have implemented policies mandating or encouraging teachers and staff to keep students’ gender identities concealed from their parents. 

This revelation has sparked widespread concern among individuals who value open communication and parental involvement in their children’s lives.

According to PDE, their comprehensive state-by-state list reveals that 1,000 school districts have adopted policies permitting staff to hide students’ gender identities from parents. 

Although the list is continuously growing as concerned parents report their schools’ policies, PDE has already identified the 1,000 school districts and a total of 17,612 schools that adhere to such guidelines. To put it into perspective, these policies affect a staggering 10,215,454 students across the country.

Erika Sanzi, Director of Outreach at PDE, expressed the overwhelming nature of this issue, stating, “We can barely keep up with our tracker because the numbers are so overwhelming, as parents constantly send us their schools’ policies to add to the list. These policies that deliberately deceive parents are pervasive, and we must eradicate them.”

Highlighted among school districts with these concerning policies is the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest district in the United States and the largest in California. 

Their policy explicitly states that school personnel should “take into consideration the safety, health and well-being of the student in deciding whether to disclose the student’s gender identity or expression to parents.”

Similarly, the Chicago Public Schools policy instructs staff members not to disclose students’ gender identities to parents. The school district’s policy even permits students to participate in overnight field trips based on the gender identity they assert at school, without any regard for parental involvement. 

Disturbingly, some schools have taken the concealment of students’ gender identity a step further by allegedly encouraging gender transition without parental consent. 

A mother from Maine’s Central Lincoln County School System is suing the district after she says a social worker secretly gave her 13-year-old daughter breast binders to flatten her chest.

Meanwhile, in New York schools, school officials are now required to get a child’s consent first before telling their parents about their gender identity, per a guidance released by the New York State Education Department on Monday.

According to the guidance, some “[transgender and gender expansive] students do not want or cannot have their parents/guardians know about their transgender status,” hence informing their parents can lead to “severe consequences for the student.”

The bizarre policies have ignited a call to action among people who believe that parents should have the ultimate authority in making decisions regarding their children’s well-being.