Senators Says Democrats Use Illegals To Keep Their Voting Power Up

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) believes that Democrats’ true intention shone through in their united stance against his amendment that sought to leave illegal aliens out of the U.S. Census counting for the apportionment of Electoral College votes and U.S. House Seats. According to him, those on the left use illegals to keep their voting power “disproportionately” higher than Republican voters.

During an interview on Fox Business on Monday, Hagerty said that the entire 50 Democratic senators voting against the amendment “proves the motive behind the crime on our border.”

“They want these illegal migrants in here to create more electoral power for them in their blue states. They’re basically creating sanctuary cities to be a magnet so these people will disproportionately flow to these blue states,” he stated.

“They’re shipping them there as rapidly as they can since Joe Biden came into office. The estimates are as high as 10 million people that have come in here. That would be 13 extra congressional districts if you allocated them the right way. This is a tremendous amount of power that the Democrats are bringing in. They’re giving their voters, the blue state voters, disproportionately more power than they are giving my voters in Tennessee,” he added.

After last week’s 45 to 51, Hagerty released a statement making a similar assertion that Democrats are using illegal aliens for more political power.

“Today I forced Chuck Schumer to hold a vote on whether illegal aliens should be counted for determining the number of congressional seats and electoral votes each state gets,” the senator began.

“Democrats’ unanimous opposition to this commonsense measure confirms that they’re using illegal aliens and sanctuary cities to increase their political power. With this vote, Senate Democrats chose to trample on the rights of each American’s voice. I will continue to fight and press this issue in the Senate,” he added.

He also called out Democrats during a Senate floor speech, in which he argued that leaving out illegal aliens from the counting is “how most Americans thing things should work here in America.”