The Latest Update on Trump’s NYC Gag Order

LATEST On Trump’s GAG Order

The gag order that Judge Juan Merchan placed on former President Trump has been partly removed, weeks after the jury declared him guilty on all charges.


Since the beginning of the trial, Trump and his legal team have been challenging the gag order, but once it ended last month, they stepped up their efforts. Before the June 27 presidential debate, the former president’s legal team and likely Republican candidate had urged that the gag order should be removed.

Under Merchan’s gag order, Trump was not allowed to speak publicly about witnesses and their probable involvement, about any counsel other than Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, about court employees, DA employees, or staff members’ families.


Due to the conclusion of the trial, Merchan partly removed the gag order on Tuesday.


Trump may now discuss juries and protected witnesses, although he is still unable to remark on specific prosecutors, court employees, or their relatives. That part of the gag order will be in place until July 11, when Trump is sentenced.


According to Merchan’s decision, which Fox News examined on Tuesday, the original rationale for the gag order’s issuance was “to protect the integrity of the judicial proceedings.”

According to Merchan, “the trial portion of these proceedings ended when the verdict was rendered, and the jury discharged,” adding that Trump had appealed the decision, but it had been turned down.


The gag order will end entirely upon “the imposition of sentence.”


Merchan removed the gag order a few days after the New York Court of Appeals denied Trump’s attempt to have it withdrawn, saying that “no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.”


Last month, the former president and likely Republican presidential candidate was convicted guilty on all 34 charges of first-degree business record fabrication. Bragg made the charges that prompted the six-week trial.


Trump and his legal team have insisted that the gag order should not apply to him and that it infringes upon his and his supporters’ First Amendment rights.



“Today’s order by Acting Justice Merchan leaves in place portions of the unconstitutional Gag Order, preventing President Trump from speaking freely about Judge Merchan’s disqualifying conflicts and the overwhelming evidence exposing this whole Crooked Joe Biden – directed Witch Hunt,” stated Steven Cheung, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, in a statement on Tuesday.