Trump Meets Requirements For GOP Nomination

Former President Donald Trump has secured the Republican Party’s presidential nomination and is set to go against President Joe Biden, who has also clinched the Democratic Party’s nomination, in November.

On Tuesday, Trump secured more than enough delegates he needed to earn the nomination in the primaries in Georgia, Hawaii, Washington and Mississippi. He won the primaries by 71 points, 95 points, 52 points and 87 points, respectively. In total, he had 1,241 delegates, 26 more than the 1,215 required.

Trump, who was declared the GOP’s presumptive nominee after his Super Tuesday wins, reacted to his establishment as nominee in a Truth Social post.

“It is my great honor to be representing the Republican Party as its Presidential Nominee. Our Party is UNITED and STRONG, and fully understands that we are running against the Worst, Most Incompetent, Corrupt, and Destructive President in the History of the United States. “Millions of people are invading our Country, many from prisons and mental institutions of other Countries. High Interest Rates and Inflation are choking our great middle class, and ALL, our Economy is bad, and our Stock Market is rising only because Polls are strongly indicating that we will WIN the Presidential Election of 2024,” he wrote.

“We are now, under Crooked Joe Biden, a Third World Nation, which uses the Injustice System to go after his political opponent, ME! But fear not, we will not fail, we will take back our once great Country, put AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE. November 5th will go down as the most important day in the history of our Country! GOD BLESS AMERICA,” he added.

In a video posted by his campaign on X, Trump stated, “It’s your favorite president speaking to you on a really great day of victory. The Republican National Committee has just declared us the official nominee and so we’re the official nominee of the Republican party, which is a big deal. But most importantly we now have to go on to victory because our country is in serious trouble. We have millions and millions of people flowing in. We have no respect on the world’s stage.”

Trump’s declaration as the Republican Party’s official nominee for the 2024 presidential election comes as he has won all but two of all the Republican nominating contests held from Jan. 9’s Iowa caucuses.