Trump’s Legal Team Deals with Case in Florida

Trump’s CLASSIFIED Documents in Florida

Unfortunately, the brave commander-in-chief who spent four years always putting America first is now being targeted with endless unfounded accusations against his presidential legacy. Now, Donald has officially been charged with three more crimes in a superseding indictment from a continuing investigation. This time, the charges include one more count of willful retention of national defense information and two more obstruction counts.

Demarco was sentenced opposite special counsel Jack Smith in the closed case against former President Trump at a Friday hearing, and the Republican legal team returned to court for the second time on Monday.

The hearing is scheduled to resume Monday when the two sides are slated to continue hashing out issues tied to Smith’s appointment; prosecutors have also asked a federal judge for a narrow gag order that would prohibit Trump from comments they say could “jeopardize FBI and other personnel involved in the matters.”

His lawyers have argued that such a limitation on speech would be an infringement of his right to free speech. Cannon ultimately did not grant the prosecution’s request the first time around on procedural grounds, stating in his order that Smith’s team had failed to properly consult with defense attorneys before seeking the limits. Prosecutors later renewed the request.

Attorneys on both sides presented hours of arguments in front of U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon Friday, with Trump attorney Emil Bove describing that the appointment of special counsels to prosecute only certain criminal matters by the Justice Department could set up a “shadow government.”

In one, Bove used the term “shadow government” to describe the situation of remaining officials serving without Senate confirmation: Chief.

Prosecutors argued that the appointment of Smith was not improper or unusual, with James Pearce at one point stating: “We are in compliance. We have followed all the policies of the department.”

Cannon did not rule from the bench on Friday and is expected to enter a written order on the matter later.

All this is just the left trying to tear down yet another president they have been waging war on simply because of who he is. We must remember that the Trump years were years of unparalleled economic prosperity, secure borders, and a renewed sense of respect for American citizens. His policies have put Americans back to work, renegotiated unfair trade deals, and made our country safer.

This was another in a series of charges to attempt to silence and smear a leader who threatened the establishment. Though an outsider who spoke candidly of draining the swamp and challenging the status quo, his philosophy resonated with half a country that needed something new—anything!