Trump Says Biden Is Unfit To Serve After DOJ Report

Former President Donald Trump suggested that President Joe Biden is unfit to serve as president. During a rally in Conway, South Carolina on Saturday, he pointed out Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents, which determined that Biden is “too mentally incompetent to convict at a trial.”

Noting that the report proves Biden’s unfitness to lead, Trump stated, “The special counsel’s report tries to let Biden off by claiming that he is too mentally incompetent to convict at a trial. I’m not going to charge him with a crime, but it’s okay for him to become Commander in Chief’ – think of that one.”

“But we know that Joe Biden has always been too mentally incompetent,” he added at this point.

In Hur’s report, prosecutors determined that Biden’s memory is “significantly limited” and thus decided not to press charges even though they found evidence that Biden retained and disclosed classified documents after his time as vice president during the Obama administration.

Trump also has a classified documents case, having been charged on 40 counts for mishandling classified documents after his time as president.

Given the similarity in their cases and the difference in how they are being handled, Trump, at his rally on Saturday, pointed to “a weaponized two-tiered system of justice in this country.”

“Crooked Joe got off scot-free and I don’t know if you call it scot-free; they said he was a mental basket case,” he said.

“Biden’s thugs are still trying to put me in jail on fake charges for crimes that they openly admit that Crooked Joe did. He actually did these crimes…Now, I’m not looking for anything to happen to this guy. He wouldn’t know the difference,” he stated, adding that “this is selective political persecution. Not prosecution – persecution.”