Biden Campaign Can’t Say Border Is Better Under President

A member of President Joe Biden’s campaign could not confidently say that the U.S. border is better under the president than it was with former President Donald Trump. The big question was presented to Biden Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fulks on a broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” on Tuesday.

Unable to defend the president, Fulks tried to put the blame on Congress, saying, “President Biden took office, sent a comprehensive immigration reform package to Congress. They have refused to pass it or do anything on it.”

“…what I would say about immigration is that we have to look back. Donald Trump had four years to do something on the border, and he did nothing. And then, right now, what we have — in fact, Donald Trump put immigrants in cages. He separated families. … Joe Biden has gotten to work still putting those families back together. But when it comes to immigration –,” he said further.

Host Bret Baier cut in to clarify what Fulks was implying with his response, asking, “Hold on, wait a second, you’re not saying that the situation on immigration and the border is better under the Biden administration than it [was] under the Trump administration? Is that what you’re saying?”

Failing to answer the question directly, Fulks reiterated his initial response, saying, “Bret, what I’m saying to is you that President Biden took office, sent a comprehensive immigration reform package to Congress. They have refused to pass it or do anything on it. They are grandstanding and playing political games.”

Baier then cut in again to point out that Biden reversed some Trump administration policies that were working at the border.

All Fulks could say was, “Donald Trump rounded up immigrants, separated families, and put them in cages. That’s not how we treat human beings.”

Baier then pointed out the fact that more kids are in custody under the Biden administration than the Trump administration. The host then urged Fulks to “concede that immigration is a vulnerability for the Biden campaign.”

However, Fulks insisted on making Biden’s failures about Republicans, who he says are playing political games and working to make sure the Biden admin does not achieve any real results on the border issue.

“And it’s, in fact, why they’re the least effective House since the Great Depression, because they’re playing political games instead of trying to get real results done and working with this President for the American people,” he added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Fulks also took a swipe at Trump while making a case for Biden’s reelection efforts. According to him, Trump is only in the race for retribution and should not be given a chance.