Biden Campaign Launches Initiative To Pull In Latinos

In order to avoid completely losing his support among Latino voters, President Joe Biden has come up with a new initiative in hopes to attract the demographic. During a campaign stop in Arizona on Tuesday, the president launched the Latinos con Biden-Harris campaign program, a Spanish term for Latinos with Biden-Harris.

Sharing the idea behind the initiative, campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez said, “The Latino vote was critical to the President’s victory in 2020, and 2024 will be no different. Latinos con Biden-Harris will be essential to activating and mobilizing Latinos across the country, and importantly, is another way we are making clear with action that we are investing aggressively into earning the Latino vote.”

“Our community has deep roots in organizing, and we are excited to harness that skill set to fight for our families, our communities, and against Donald Trump’s anti-Latino agenda. There’s too much at stake in this election,” she added.

The Hispanic voter base is seen as a very valuable demographic for presidential candidates as the election draws closer. While the demographic is known for its affiliation with Democrats, recent polls show that the Democratic Party is rapidly losing its grip on that front.

In last year’s election, Biden solidly won the Hispanic vote, contributing to his victory over former President Donald Trump. However, it is looking like the story might change this year as Biden’s approval continues to drop with both Latino and Black voters.

In a statement on Tuesday, Make America Great Again Inc. spokesman Alex Pfeiffer chalked up Biden’s lessening popularity with Hispanic voters to Bidenomics, which he said “has left Hispanic Americans poorer.”

According to a recent Fox News report, Nicarol Soto, a Democrat born in the Dominican Republic, said that Latinos “feel identified” with Trump, as they believe the American “economy was [in] better shape” when he was the president.

For Pennsylvania Republican strategist Charlie Gerow, this is a very good chance for Republicans to “break through and win if not a majority, then a large plurality of the Latino vote.”