Biden Speaks About Meeting Israeli Survivors And First Responders

President Joe Biden had a lot of words when reporters asked him a quite straightforward question regarding his visit to Israel, where he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the wake of the recent Palestinian terrorist attacks.

When asked about the impact of meeting survivors and first responders during his trip, Biden opened up about his experience. He started by recalling time spent with 17 or 18 survivors, struggling to find the right words to express his feelings.

“Look, I spent an hour and a half about with the 17 or 18 before and–, I don’t know how to say this,” he said. “Virtually every–, mass shooting–, every–, circumstance where large number of people have been victimized and lost, I’ve spoken with them.”

Going on to share insight that he has gained over the years, the president emphasized the importance of providing support to those facing incomprehensible hardships. He then, in too many words, acknowledged that when people encounter someone who understands or has been through something similar, it can offer them a glimmer of hope.

“I learned a long time ago, but you all learned in your life as well, when someone’s going through something that is beyond their comprehension — that they never thought they’d have to go through — if they see someone who they think understands or maybe been through something not the same but similar, it gives them some sense of hope. And I always get criticized sometimes by my staff because when I go to these events, I stay for three or four hours and answer all their questions, but it matters,” he said.

In a never-ending ramble, Biden continued to attempt to stress the significance of his interactions with those affected by the tragedy, adding, “It matters a lot, and, uh, and look, I’m talking to some of you who have gone through a hell of a lot more than I’ve gone through and a lot more than other people have gone through. But you understand. It’s just, it’s just people are looking for just something to grab, something that gives them some sense, a sense of hope. And that’s, and if I can do a little bit of that, then it’s, you know, worth doing.”

Biden’s rambling bout comes in the wake of his visit to Tel Aviv after he was invited by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has promised to “wipe” Hamas “off the face of the Earth” after the terrorist organization’s surprise attack on Israel.