Dave McCormick Slams Democrat Senator For Lying About Yearly County Visits

Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Dave McCormick called out his opponent for what he believes is an absolute lie. During a press call on Friday, McCormick blasted Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) for claiming earlier this month that he visits all 67 counties in Pennsylvania every year.

During an interview on the WCHE Morning Show on May 3, Casey had said, “There’s no question that sometimes there’s a great distance between-at least in terms of perception-between elected officials and folks that are making determinations about who their representatives are.”

“But the best way for me to deal with that is to stay engaged, to go to every county every year, basically, which is what I’ve done for years now,” he added.

According to McCormick, Casey’s claim about going to every county in the state annually is just “one of the many lies” the Democrat has told.

“Bob Casey’s lying here. He hasn’t visited every county every year and this is one of many lies,” the Senate nominee said.

He then brought up Casey’s track record of lies, saying, “He’s lied about lowering costs for Pennsylvanians. He was just recently caught on tape saying, ‘It’s impossible to bring these prices down,’ and yet there’s all sorts of examples of him saying that in 2022 that his support for the Inflation Reduction Act and the policies that he and President Biden were supporting were going to bring down prices.”

“He’s lied about being an independent voice in Washington. In 2006, Casey said that the people of Pennsylvania expect and deserve someone who’s going to be independent, truly independent. And, of course, he now votes with Joe Biden 98 percent of the time,” McCormick added.

The aspiring senator went on saying, “This lie about these county visits is a particularly, I think a particularly illuminating one because it’s a, he’s been in office for 18 years and here he is saying that he visits every county every year. It’s like the guy in the group, working on the group project that takes credit for the A that the group got. He hasn’t put in the work. To represent our commonwealth you need to represent all of Pennsylvania, Democrats, Republicans, independents, big cities, small towns, rural communities. You really need to be in every corner of Pennsylvania because it has a different perspective and a different set of challenges and Casey hasn’t shown the willingness to meet voters where they are.”

According to a report from Broad and Liberty, posts from Casey’s campaign page on X shows that he has only visited 20 counties since January 2023. The senator’s political account on X shows that he has visited 39 counties in the state since January 2023.

No additional travel schedules could be found on his Facebook page and campaign website, per the outlet.