Abbott Passes Legislation That Bans Transgender Players From Women’s Sports

In a decisive move to preserve fairness in women’s sports, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed legislation that would protect female players from being overridden by men in their own category.

Under this new law, individuals who are biologically male but identify as transgender women will not be allowed to participate in women’s sporting competitions within colleges and universities across Texas as athletes have to compete in sports under the gender they were assigned at birth.

Schools that allow trans athletes to compete as their self-identified gender rather than their biological ones can be sued by students.

Dubbed SB15 or the Save Women’s Sports Act, the significant legislation joins a growing wave of actions across the nation aimed at safeguarding the integrity of women’s sports and preventing biological males from competing against females.

Governor Abbott expressed his support for the law, stating, The Save Women’s Sports Act ensures that men cannot challenge them in team or individual sports. By protecting the sanctity of women’s sports, we guarantee that future generations will continue to be inspired by the incredible achievements of women athletes.”

“Rest assured, women in Texas, your sports are safe and secure,” the Republican governor said further.

This move has been welcomed by supporters who believe that female athletes, including young girls with dreams of shining in college sports, deserve a level playing field.

However, critics of the bill argue that it unfairly targets transgender athletes. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Texas has strongly denounced the legislation, describing it as “unfair, unconstitutional, and just plain cruel.” 

Nevertheless, proponents of the law insist that it serves to maintain a level playing field for biological females, who may face disadvantages in sports competitions when pitted against biologically male competitors.

The Save Women’s Sports Act builds upon a similar bill signed into law in 2021, which prevented biological men from competing in women’s sports from kindergarten through twelfth grade. This new legislation, which would take effect on Sept. 1, expands the coverage of the 2021 law to college-level competitions.

Texas is not alone in enacting laws to safeguard biological women in sports. Several other states have also passed similar legislation, reflecting a nationwide concern for maintaining fairness and ensuring that women can compete on an equal footing. As these initiatives gain momentum, the issue of transgender inclusion in women’s sports remains a contentious and ongoing debate.