Christie Goes After Haley For Not Attacking Trump

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie doubled down on claims that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is not a serious candidate over the week. During an interview with On CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” he slammed Haley for an inability to criticize former President Donald Trump amid a presidential race that has seen him launch multiple attacks against Trump.

Host Margaret Brennan had brought up the issue, saying, “You have said Nikki Haley is not a fundamentally serious candidate when she said, as you just said earlier on in our program, that Trump is fit to lead…Are you ruling out ever working with Nikki Haley in the future to defeat Donald Trump?”

In response, Christie reiterated that Haley is not a serious contender against Trump. He brought up speculations of Haley looking to be Trump’s running mate, stating that “she hasn’t ruled out being his vice president.”

“Ron DeSantis and I have both ruled out accepting the vice presidency from Donald Trump. Nikki Haley has not,” he stated.

According to Christie, “that’s why she’s not saying strong things against Donald Trump, why she’s saying he’s fit to be President of the United States.”

“I’m going to take Nikki Haley’s word [for] it. She says she believes he’s fit to be president. If you believe someone who says those kind of things and is under four criminal indictments is fit to be president, then you can agree with her. I don’t,” he added.

Christie is not the only GOP presidential candidate that has accused Haley of taking it easy on Trump in hopes that she can be his VP pick if he secures the Republican Party’s ticket. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called her out with the same claim ast Friday during his campaign in New Hampshire.

Pointing to Trump and Haley’s campaigns’ focus on him, he said, “There’s a reason why they spend money against me, Haley and Trump spend money against me. He has not spent any money against her. And she has not spent any money against him.”

He then pushed her to clarify the rumors, stating, “She will not answer directly, and she owes you an answer to this, will she accept a vice presidential nomination from Donald Trump? Yes or no?”

Trump himself has denied the speculations saying that nominating her as his VP is “unlikely” and he was not “even thinking about that.” The GOP front runner, however, called the idea “interesting.”