Biden Tells Press To Rise Up To Seriousness Of The Moment

President Joe Biden tried to alert the press to “the seriousness of the moment” during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday. While he claimed that he was not asking
the media to take sides politically, he said that he wanted them to ignore the distractions and “focus on what’s actually at stake.”

“I’m sincerely not asking you to take sides, but asking you to rise up to the seriousness of the moment,” the president said.

“Move past the horse race numbers and the ‘gotcha’ moments and the distractions and the sideshows that have come to dominate and sensationalize our politics, and focus on what’s actually at stake. I think in your hearts, you know what’s at stake,” he continued.

Making a point that the stakes could not be higher, Biden said, “Every single one of us has roles to play, a serious role to play, in making sure democracy endures. In the age of disinformation, credible information that people can trust is more important than ever.”

Biden then addressed concerns about his age while taking a swipe at President Donald Trump.

“Of course the 2024 election’s in full swing and yes, age is an issue, and I’m a grown man running against a 6-year-old,” he said.

At the event, Biden also rephrased the nickname Trump gave to him, pointing to how Trump appeared to have dozed off in court last week.

“Sleepy Don,” he called the former president, adding, “I kind of like that. I may use it again.”

He also took a swipe at Trump’s legal battles.

Trump did not appear to find the dinner amusing, as he took to Truth Social later to call Biden’s speech “an absolute disaster.”

“The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was really bad. Colin Jost BOMBED, and Crooked Joe was an absolute disaster! Doesn’t get much worse than this!” Trump wrote, extending his criticism to comedian Colin Jost who hosted the dinner and made jokes about Biden, Trump and other Republican politicians.