Canadian High School Students Protest Gender Ideology Curriculum

In a powerful display of resistance, high school students in Ottawa, Canada took a stand against the imposition of gender ideology curriculum by their school district. These brave young individuals from Longfields-Davidson Secondary School courageously walked out of their classes, expressing their concerns regarding the teaching of gender ideology in Ontario classrooms.

According to a report by Rebel News, the protest staged by these students represents the second demonstration in just one week against the curriculum enforced by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. 

Demonstrators proudly held signs that voiced their opposition to gender ideology, and their cause received supportive honks from passing cars, signifying that they were not alone in their dissent.

One prominent supporter of the students’ actions is Chanel Pfahl, a former high school teacher who actively advocates against the teaching of radical gender ideology to young students. Pfahl took to social media to express her admiration for the students, stating, “The kids at Longfields-Davidson Heights are just pure awesome.” 

Pfahl’s support for the students is grounded in her firm belief that children should not be subjected to such radical gender theories at an impressionable age.

The former teacher has previously faced backlash from the Ontario College of Teachers after voicing her opposition to Critical Race Theory, an academic movement that has found its way into schools, teaching children that the United States is inherently racist and urging them to view every social interaction and person through the lens of race.

Pfahl later shared a message from Longfields-Davidson Secondary School, which serves as a reminder that while student walkouts are one way to express their concerns, there are also other respectful avenues to show support for important issues. “We want to remind everyone that during the instructional day, it is expected that students be in class,” the school stated.

When some of the students were interviewed, they were very vocal about their thoughts on gender ideology being forced down their throats. “All we’re asking, essentially, is that everyone be given fair rights, everyone’s beliefs be respected…We’re all just asking to be treated equally…No one’s belief is more superior than the other. We all have a right to believe in what we want to,” a parent, who joined the demonstration, stated.

“We’re just here because our kids just wanna be kids,” she added.

This protest in Ottawa is part of a broader trend of students pushing back against what they perceive as LGBTQ+ propaganda in schools. Just last week, middle school students in Burlington, Massachusetts kicked against pride month indoctrination and disrupted a pride event at their school by tearing down banners, wearing patriotic colors, and chanting “U.S.A. are my pronouns.”

These incidents serve as a reminder that students across the country are standing up against the indoctrination of divisive ideologies in their schools.