Democratic Governor Claims Removing Controversial Books From Schools ‘Castrates’ Kids

Democratic Maryland Governor Wes Moore sparked controversy with his recent remarks on the removal of books from children’s reading lists. In a recent interview on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” he claimed that the removal of certain books is equal to “castrating” children as some of the books are essential for African American children to understand their power and history. 

“The reason that I know that every single day I can stand in my own skin and I can stand in my own power is because I know my history,” he stated as he argued that the removal of books is not about children’s comfort but about destroying “history.”

“And by telling me that that history is not important, or by telling you that if you teach it to me, that is gonna somehow put the person who taught it to me under investigation, you are telling me that you don’t want me to understand my power. And that’s what this is all about.” 

The governor’s statements, however, overlook the true reasons behind book removals. Many book bans have been initiated due to concerns about explicit or disturbing content that is inappropriate for children. Additionally, some books that promote ideologies such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), which labels whites as oppressors and perpetuates the idea of black victimhood, have faced criticism and calls for removal.

Many parents and teachers believe that the issue lies not in banning books but in ensuring accurate and age-appropriate material for children as such books do not provide a balanced perspective and can be harmful to young minds.

While Moore accuses conservatives of preventing black children from understanding their history, the reality is that conservatives are concerned about the one-sided narrative presented in some books. They believe that children should learn history without being forced into a particular ideology.

In Philadelphia, for example, fifth-graders were forced to celebrate “Black communism,” while a school in Cupertino, California, made third-graders select their racial identities and rank themselves based on “power and privilege.” 

Students in Buffalo Public Schools were taught that “all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism” and were even shown a video of deceased black children while educators imbibed in them the idea of “racist police and state-sanctioned violence.”

Some removal of books and resources from students’ libraries have also been due to concerns that they promote controversial topics such as transgenderism and unlimited abortion access. Critics argue that these subjects should be discussed at home, rather than being pushed onto young children.

Interestingly, Moore’s use of the term “castrating” to describe book bans is ironic given his recent support for a bill that potentially allows for the literal castration of children. As a candidate for governor, Moore signed the Trans Health Equity Act, which promotes “gender-affirming” healthcare, including chemical and surgical castration. 

This raises questions about the consistency of his stance on children’s well-being and protection.