Democratic Rep Praises Biden’s Economic Performance Amid Reelection Concerns

In a recent interview on CNN, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) praised President Joe Biden’s performance in the Oval Office, emphasizing the strength of the economy and low unemployment. 

Despite the concerns expressed about Biden’s age and leadership abilities for a second term, Smith argues that the president is doing an exceptional job and that it is “hard to see an argument that Joe Biden isn’t on top of what he’s doing as President.”

Smith’s words highlight the strong economy under Biden’s leadership as he commended the president for reducing inflation and assembling a coalition to defend Ukraine against Russia. Smith firmly believes that Biden is effectively carrying out his duties as president.

“The economy is strong. Unemployment has stayed low, even as we’ve reduced inflation. He’s helped build the coalition to defend Ukraine against Russia…I think he’s capable of doing that going forward,” he also said.

Addressing the concerns surrounding Biden’s candidacy, he stated, “…All of us running for office, we have flaws. Nobody’s going to be perfect. If you ask a question to dissect someone, what do you like, what don’t you like? There [are] going to be criticisms. That’s the nature of it.”

“But I come back to the fact Joe Biden’s doing a good job. And I think he’s in a strong position to run next year, then we’ll go have that election, and it’s always going to difficult, but I think the president’s well-positioned to run for reelection,” he maintained.

As Biden attempts to secure reelection in 2024, he and his campaign team have repeatedly sold the message of declining inflation and steady job growth as they insist the economy is on a steady upswing. America has “the strongest economy in the world,” he told the crowd packed with union workers in Philadelphia last Monday.

However, voters aren’t buying the hoax packaged as “Bidenomics,” with recent polling data raising questions about Biden’s economic stewardship. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found that 59% of respondents disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, compared to 37% who approve. Furthermore, 63% of 1,500 registered voters surveyed from Aug. 24 to 30 expressed disapproval of the president’s management of inflation and rising costs, while only 34% approved.

Republicans have seized upon these statistics to criticize what they call “Bidenomics.” They link Biden to the inflation woes that reached a 40-year high last year, with some GOP presidential candidates making it a topic of discussion during the first GOP presidential primary debate on Aug. 23. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), during the debate, claimed that “Joe Biden’s ‘Bidenomics’ has led to the loss of $10,000 of spending power for the average family.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis echoed these sentiments during the same debate, emphasizing the need to “reverse Bidenomics” to benefit middle-class families.

Former President Donald Trump, a prominent candidate, shared a video on social media recently, declaring that the “Biden Economic Bust” will be replaced by the “historic Trump Economic Boom.” He framed the 2024 campaign as a battle to “rescue” the country from what he characterized as the “burning wreckage of Bidenomics,” marked by “inflation, taxation, submission and failure.”