DeSantis Outshines Trump In Left’s Eyes, Trump Camp Remains Unyielding

The DeSantis War Room recently unveiled a powerful six-minute video supposedly showcasing who the left fears the most in the upcoming 2024 presidential race. ‘

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican candidate, has garnered significant attention from liberals, who repeatedly label him as “more dangerous” than former President Donald Trump.

In the video titled “6 MINUTES Of The Left Admitting They Fear DeSantis More Than Trump,” influential left-wing commentators like Van Jones, Olayemi Olurin, and David Pakman express concerns that DeSantis possesses a level of political acumen, discipline, and competence that surpasses Trump’s, making him more capable of executing the Republican agenda.

Jones bluntly asserts in the video, “This guy is worse than Trump.”

Olurin goes even further, stating, “I honestly believe DeSantis was forged in Hell. There’s no doubt in my mind,” adding, “He’s honestly more sinister, you know why? Because there’s less buffoonery to it.”

“The Trump agenda would be far more likely to be carried on by people less cartoonishly problematic, and Ron DeSantis is a perfect example of such an individual,” said Pakman, who has an entire Youtube video on the subject.

Adding to the mix of voices is Rep. Maxwell Frost, (D-FL) who warns, “If you thought Donald Trump was bad, you got another thing coming.”

Former Rep. David Jolly (D-FL) also raises concerns about DeSantis’s potential impact, saying, “Based on what he’s done in five years in Florida, what would he do with all the levers of power in the White House?”

Despite the liberal talking points, the Trump campaign remains rooted in its belief in the former president’s capacity and chances of success.

“President Trump has been dominating in poll after poll – both nationally and statewide,” the campaign said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “It’s not what commentators or pundits think, it’s about what the voters think, and they are clearly behind President Trump in a big way.”

“The fact is that President Trump will be the nominee and will beat Crooked Joe Biden because he’s the only person who can supercharge the economy, secure our border, safeguard communities, and put an end to unnecessary wars. Americans want to return to a prosperous nation, and there’s only one person who can do that – President Trump,” the statement added. 

Meanwhile, Trump continues to beat DeSantis in the polls by a wide margin, with businessman Vivek Ramaswamy battling with the Florida Governor over the 2nd spot in a recent Harvard Harris poll.