Doritos Dragged For Partnering With Trans Influencer With Inappropriate Posts

Doritos Spain faced a great deal of backlash over the weekend for its decision to partner with a trans-identifying social media influencer who posted inappropriate comments about children in the past.

Samantha Hudson appeared in a 50-second Instagram promo called “Crunch Talks” for Doritos Spain, which is owned by PepsiCo.

“Being perfect is not easy, but you end up getting used to it,” he says in the spot, per a translation.

By Monday, several inappropriate posts Hudson made about children had resurfaced online, with social media users berating Doritos Spain for

In one post to X, he reportedly wrote, “I want to do thuggish things [to] a 12-year-old girl,” going on to describe an extreme sensual crime against a child.

“In the middle of the street in Mallorca in panties and screaming that I’m a nymphomaniac in front of a super beautiful 8-year-old girl,” he wrote in another post.

In another post, he reportedly expressed hate for victims of forced intercourse “who turn to self-help centers to overcome their trauma.”

He can also be seen saying he wants to destroy the traditional nuclear family in a video to X shared by several users.

“I advocate for the destruction and for the annihilation of the traditional, monogamous, nuclear family,” he stated, adding, “Not that I’m going to beat up my parents.”

“This is who Doritos just partnered with to be their brand ambassador in Spain. You know what to do. #BoycottDoritos. Make it trend,” conservative account End Wokeness, which has more than two million followers, tweeted on Monday.

Libs of TikTok also shared a clip of the trans-identifying man, telling its followers to “Bud Light Doritos” in a reference to the enormous and sales-crippling backlash Bud Light received last year for collaborating with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The backlash led to an expensive boycott which cost Bud Light’s parent company lost close to $400 million.

Doritos Spain explained that the company was not aware of the comments Hudson made in the past before launching a campaign with it. A spokesperson for the company said in a statement that the Instagram video of the campaign has been removed.

“We have ended the relationship and stopped all related campaign activity due to the comments. We strongly condemn words or actions that promote violence… of any kind,” the spokesperson said.

The company made sure it clarified that the campaign was removed because of Hudson’s past comments and not because of his gender identity.

Hudson himself had explained away his old posts in the past, chalking it up to him finding fun in “dark humor.”