Eric Trump Warns Biden, Bush, Obama Not Safe If Trump Loses Immunity Argument

Former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, is warning that his father would not be the only president affected if the Supreme Court rules against his presidential immunity claim.

During a conversation with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Eric said that a rejection of Trump’s immunity argument would equal a White House that is paralyzed by legal battles as presidents can be prosecuted for official acts.

“Well, God help us if they get it wrong. That’s what I take away. I know the system very, very well,” he said, adding that the “only people who are going to benefit are big law firms in Washington, D.C., because they are going to go after every single president.”

Going on to show how far prosecution of a former president would go, Eric suggested that former President Barack Obama would be prosecuted over Operation Fast and Furious in which the Obama administration sold military-style weapons to Mexican drug cartels which were in turn used to kill American citizens.

According to Eric, Obama could also be prosecuted for the aggressive scrutiny and mistreatment of conservatives by the IRS under his administration.

“They’ll start with Obama, fast and furious, right where he gives two thousand weapons to cartel members. Then, they’ll go to Obama where he weaponized the IRS against conservatives,” Eric said, going on to suggest that former President George Bush could also be targeted.

“Where do you want us to stop? They could go after George Bush for lying about weapons of mass destruction,” Eric Trump said. “Where does this stop, Maria?” he added.

President Joe Biden would also be affected, as Eric said, “The floodgates are going to open, and I guarantee you Joe Biden will not have one foot outside of the White House before they start going after him illegally, ruthlessly.”

According to him, Biden could be targeted over various issues, including the discovery of cocaine in the White House and a significant drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in 2022.

Emphasizing the importance of immunity for presidents after leaving the Oval office, Eric said, “Presidents need immunity in this country. If they don’t, their entire tenure as president is literally going to be filled in depositions and subpoenas like they’ve tried to do to my father for the last eight years.”

“We can’t have this legal lawfare in this country, we need a president to actually be able to function and run the United States of America,” he added.

When Bartiromo asked him what he expects the Supreme Court’s decision to be in June, Eric echoes his father’s fight for “absolute immunity” for U.S. presidents.

“I certainly hope that presidents have absolute immunity and if they don’t, they’re not going to be able to function as Presidents of the United States,” he stated.