Female Student Says She Got Assaulted In School’s Trans-Inclusive Bathroom

A 13-year-old girl identified as Ray has come forward with allegations of molestation in a middle school bathroom. This disturbing incident, which reportedly occurred in October 2021 at the ASK Academy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, happened when Ray, then 12 years old, was washing her hands in what was supposed to be a girls’ restroom.

According to her, an older male student entered and approached her. The assailant pinned her against the counter, wrestled her to the floor, and allegedly violated her after hitting her head. 

The incident which raises serious concerns about the school’s embrace of gender ideology only came to light when Ray’s mother Maggie discovered her diary entry about the attack. 

Maggie revealed that prior to the discovery, she had observed a sudden shift in her usually happy daughter’s mood and mental health but could not exactly place her fingers on what was wrong. 

Ray had been exhibiting signs of grief, anxiety, and depression, leading her concerned mother to believe that she might have been a victim of bullying. Little did they know that the root cause of her distress was far more sinister.

Months after the incident, Ray’s parents began questioning her about her diary entry. After being pressed on the matter, she admitted to the horrific attack and the family began demanding answers from the school after informing law enforcement. 

Maggie, who has been actively involved in investigating the matter, believes that this terrible act was made possible due to the school’s acceptance of gender ideology.

“We learned that kids were pledging allegiance to the Pride flag instead of the American flag. We learned that some teachers were discussing daily the normalcy of transgender people and gender dysphoria, and that this school had a higher population than anyone would expect for such a small school, with kids claiming to be trans and parents being kept in the dark,” she stated.

According to the young victim, the school promoted a woke culture that pressured students like her to accept the presence of males in women’s spaces. They were taught not to “judge” transgender individuals, regardless of the potential consequences for their own safety and well-being.

Ray added that the school adopted the idea of “transgender identities” and allowed students to use whatever bathroom or locker room they wanted to use. Hence, she and other female students had to share bathrooms with biological male students.

Describing how the impact the incident had on them, Maggie said, “We have fought very hard to get our life back and survive this. It nearly took her life and mine. It leaves you feeling hopeless and isolated, like a failure as a parent to not have known or not have been able to prevent it.”

In response to inquiries from the Independent Women’s Forum regarding the bathroom policies at ASK Academy, CEO Edward Garcia defended the school’s stance, stating that it aims to provide an “inclusive learning environment for all students” and “does not discriminate against any student.”

However, Garcia failed to address concerns about the open access of biological boys to girls’ facilities. Investigation into the case is ongoing as Ray and her family seek out who was behind her brutal attack.