Fetterman Reveals Reasons Behind Political Transformation

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) explained how he went from being a Far-Left Democrat to leaning on the center-left of the Democratic Party and holding moderate views on issues more than most of his colleagues.

Fetterman issued the explanation during a Friday appearance on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” show on HBO. Maher had brought up how Fetterman appeared to have changed since he had a stroke in 2022.

“When I see you, especially the last couple of years, you speak so freely. You speak like what politicians who I get on this show who aren’t in politics anymore, the ones who are out of office when they can be honest, and that’s the way you speak now and it’s a beautiful thing. You speak for a lot of Democrats that are afraid to say a lot of that stuff,” Maher stated.

The host then asked if the stroke played a role in the lawmaker’s political shift.

In response, Fetterman confirmed Maher’s assertions, adding that his near-death experience gave him the courage and freedom to air his views.

“There’s a line from the first ‘Batman,’ Joker’s like ‘I’ve been dead once already. It’s very liberating. It’s freeing in a way. And I just think after beating all of that, I just really [want to] be able to say the things that I have to really believe in and not be afraid of if there’s any kind of blowback,” he stated.

He went on to say that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party abandoned him because he chose to be on the right side.

“I didn’t leave the label, it left me on that,” he stated.

“After what happened on October 7, I really knew that whole progressive stack would be blasted apart and there would not be any kind of way how the Democrats are going to be able to reply to that kind of response. And I really decided early on that I believe that was gonna be the right side with Israel throughout all of that. … Democrats would continue to peel away and kind of walk away from standing with Israel on that,” he added.

“Some of the most progressive and left parts of the Democratic Party are standing for the kind of side that have kinds of organizations like Hamas or these kinds of nations that there are no rights for women and they certainly don’t embrace the LGBTQ kinds of lifestyle… And even in Philadelphia, the Queers for Palestine blocked the Pride Parade in Philadelphia, and I never saw that on the Bingo card,” he continued in mockery of far-Left activists.