Obama Issues Twisted Passover Message

Former President Barack Obama brought Palestinians into Passover on Monday as he called for solidarity with “people of all religions.”

In a post to X, he wrote, “Tonight, Jewish families around the world will begin the celebration of Passover with the traditional seder meal. Michelle and I loved the seders we held in the White House, and the story of Passover – with its focus on resilience, redemption, and renewal in the face of persecution and uncertainty. Today it rings even more true.”

“This Passover, let’s remember everyone who is unable to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones. And in a time when there’s been so much suffering and loss in Israel and Gaza, let’s reaffirm our commitment to the Jewish people, and people of all religions, who deserve to feel safe and secure wherever they live and practice their faith. Chag Sameach,” he continued.

Obama, in his post, failed to state that Passover is about Jews being led to the promised land of Israel after they were liberated from Egypt. The word “freedom” did not appear at all in his message just like “hostages” and “antisemitism.”

He also failed to point out a major Passover theme this year, which is connected to the freedom of the 133 Israeli hostages held by Hamas, many of whom are slaves, like many Jews were in Egypt before their freedom.

In Obama’s equivocation and obscurity, he did not mention the Israeli hostages at all or that the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas continues to hold them hostage. Instead, he said that people should “remember everyone who is unable to celebrate the holiday with their loved one.”

In saying that “people of all religions … deserve to feel safe and secure” wherever they are, Obama also left out the wave of antisemitism on college campuses as well as the disruptive anti-Israel protests going on across the country.

The only unquestionable part of the former president’s claim has to do with the annual passover seder held at the White House, a tradition that continued while he was in office.

Obama’s message received a lot of criticism for his mention of Gaza.

“Only Obama could turn Passover into an occasion for solidarity with the Gazans who attacked Israel on Oct. 7. The missing word from this post, by the way, is “freedom.” Never an important concept for Obama. But it’s the heart of the Passover holiday. He never got it,” Breitbart News editor wrote.

“…Passover isn’t to be abused for your universalist approach. It’s a Jewish holiday. You’ve never wished someone a Happy Eid and then mentioned Jews you psychotic asshole,” a user wrote on X.