IDF Says Al Jazeera’s Report Of Gaza School Massacre Is False

After Al Jazeera claimed in a report that Israeli troops carried out an operation inside a Palestinian school that saw civilians murdered, the Israel Defense Forces have come out to debunk the allegations.

The story, published this week, has been spread by antisemitic groups trying to back up their claims of Israeli atrocities in Gaza. According to the story, the IDF stormed the Shadia Abu Ghazala school in northern Gaza and killed people, including children, execution-style.

Speaking with Breitbart News, the IDF debunked the claims, saying, “The claims made in the article on Al Jazeera are deceitful, biased, and lack any truth or foundation.”

“After allowing the evacuation of the Gazan population, the IDF forces operated within the area of the school, where they found a significant amount of ammunition and weapons – and even encountered armed terrorists who were using civilian infrastructure and the population as human shields,” the force explained, adding, “Any allegation of deliberate harm to civilians is devoid of any basis.”

Al Jazeera’s reporting gives basis to claims that the outlet, which is sponsored by Qatar government, shells out Hamas propaganda. The outlet had also pushed the false allegation that an Israeli rocket hit a hospital, killing 500 civilians. It turned out that a Palestinian Jihadist group fighting alongside Hamas was responsible for the hit.

According to deductions made from video, media coverage of the impact site, maps and an intercepted call between two Hamas operatives, the Palestinian Jihadist group had launched a rocket near the hospital and it misfired and hit the parking lot, leading to the fire and the casualties that followed.

Anti-Israeli activists have tried to push the narrative that the IDF has committed humanitarian offenses and does not care about civilian casualties. But Hamas is the one that has proven to not care about civilians after taking over 200 civilian hostages on Oct. 7 when it carried out an unprecedented attack on Israel. The hostages included a baby as young as 10 months old and elderly people as old as 85 years old.

The Palestinian terrorist group has also used its own civilians as shields in its war against Israel, going as far as confiscating car keys in order to prevent people from leaving the endangered zone.

As the IDF said on Thursday, “Hamas sees every innocent death as a strategy. We see every innocent death as a tragedy.”