Florida Rep. Introduces Bill Restricting Use Of Pronouns

Rep. Ryan Chamberlin (R-FL) has introduced a bill that seeks to address the issue of gender identity in government institutions, businesses, and nonprofit organizations funded by taxpayers. Under the legislation known as HB 599, pronoun mandates will be abolished in these entities.

Chamberlin argues that his bill is all about distinguishing between “common sense” and “nonsense.”

At its core, HB 599 states that employees or contractors working in government institutions, businesses, or nonprofit organizations cannot be compelled to use an individual’s “personal pronoun” if it does not align with that individual’s biological gender. The bill also shields these employees from facing “adverse personnel action” for refusing to address a colleague by their personal pronoun.

HB 599 goes a step further to safeguard employees’ rights, preventing them from facing suspension, transfer, discharge, or demotion based on their religious or biology-based beliefs. This includes those who hold traditional or Biblical views of sensuality and marriage or disagree with prevailing gender ideologies.

According to the bill, such beliefs must be respected, whether they are expressed at the workplace or elsewhere.

Chamberlin’s legislation makes it clear that any nonprofit organization or employer receiving state funding cannot make training, instruction, or any other activity related to gender identity or gender expression a condition of employment. Employees will also not be asked to provide their personal pronouns.

In an email statement to Breitbart News, Chamberlin expressed his optimism regarding the growing support for the legislation.

“We are either born as a male or female based on our reproductive organs. This biological fact never changes,” he stated, pointing out the falseness of people ascribing pronouns outside their biological genders to themself.

Chamberlin’s statement highlights the unconstitutional nature of forcing individuals to acknowledge anything contrary to this biological fact. “This bill simply establishes that with any government institution, business or nonprofit organization that receives taxpayer funding that they would be violating Floridians’ personal rights by forcing any employee to take a pronoun, gender identity or ‘woke training’ to maintain employment,” it added.