Independent Presidential Candidate Says Biden Will Quit Reelection Bid

Independent presidential candidate Dr. Cornel West is predicting that President Joe Biden will not make it to the presidential election next year. According to POLITICO, West believes that Biden might opt out of his reelection bid in a manner similar to President Lyndon B. Johnson who served as America’s president from 1963 to 1969.

In March 1968, Johnson shocked the nation with his announcement that he would not be seeking a rerun due to the Vietnam war and divisions at home.

Now West says of Biden, “I’m not even sure whether I’ll be running against Biden. Biden — I think he’s going to have an LBJ moment [and] pull back.”

West believes that instead of Biden, he might end up running against what he calls a “B team” of younger Democrats like California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The way he sees it, Biden is “running out of gas.”

West also described the president as “a milquetoast neoliberal with military adventurism, possibly leading the world toward World War III.”

He also took a swipe at former President Donald Trump, who is leading the candidates for the Republican party’s presidential nomination. Trump is a “bona fide gangsta, Neo-fascist, Pied Piper leading the country for the second civil war,” according to West, who announced his presidential run in June.

He added that his fears for Trump and Biden are on different fronts, saying that he is more concerned about Biden when it comes to foreign policy but is concerned about Trump on the domestic front.

While he stands against the prospects of Trump winning the coming election, he is not willing to quit his run for the White House despite claims that his candidacy would weaken Democrats’ chances of beating Trump.

“I don’t accept the spoiler category. A vote for Biden, a vote for Trump is a vote for Biden and a vote for Trump,” he said.

Explaining his position further, he added, “There might be slices of people ‘if I didn’t vote for West, I would have voted for Biden.’ But that’s not to me, a spoiler. If you’re in a race, and you make a case, and they vote for you, how do you become the spoiler?”

Trump’s camp is not having West’s attack, with the GOP front runner’s spokesperson Steven Cheung saying in an email to POLITICO, “Cornell [sic] West should go back to liberal academia instead of playing pretend politics. He still hasn’t graduated from the kids table.”

While West positioned himself as a candidate that matters enough to pose a challenge to Trump’s candidate, his polling suggests otherwise as he has less support in the polls than Robert F Kennedy Jr., another independent candidate vying for the White House.