Michael Rapaport Says Anti-Jewish Protesters Will Get Trump Elected And Regret It

Actor Michael Rapaport blasted anti-Israel campus protesters that have been holding demonstrators at schools like Columbia University. In a video posted on X on Sunday, he told the “anti-Jewish” protesters that they will have only themselves to scream at if former President Donald Trump wins the November election.

The video he shared had the following caption: “The anti-Jewish screaming on college campuses will be worth the screaming when Trump wins in November, and you’ll have nobody to scream at but yourself.”

“That includes everyone who’s silent about it right now. Each and every one of you
anti-Jewish and ‘Israel ain’t got nothing to do with me’ people,” he added.

In the video, Rapaport began, “You know what’s going to be great? “When d*** stain Donald Trump gets elected — and I ain’t saying I’m voting for him — but when he does win, and he’s going to win, the screaming and yelling that you f***ing p**** a** bl**j*b miserable mother f***ers on college campuses are doing now, the screaming that you are doing at Jews about, ‘Free Palestine,’ the screaming you are doing at Zionists is gonna be nothing compared to the screaming you are going to be doing come November when d*** stain Donald Trump wins presidency because of you. Because of you.”

“And historically, Google me, you know how I feel about d*** stain Donald Trump, but it would be worth the screaming, the crying, and the yelling. I can’t wait to see those f***ing protests come November when d*** stain Donald Trump wins because of you f***ing little bl** j*bs,” he added.

Going into hysterical laughter, he concluded, “Woooo! I can’t wait!”

Rapaport is known to be on the other side of the Trump camp. However, he has repeatedly suggested lately that voting for the GOP presumptive nominee might be a better option than voting for President Joe Biden.

During an interview in April, the “Prison Break” actor confirmed that his political views have changed and continue changing.

“My political views have changed immensely, and they’re changing at a rapid pace. I think they’re dangerous, I think they’re racist hustlers, I think they’re cons, I think, inevitably, they want to get themselves production deals to produce documentaries, I think they’re three-card monte-playing bullsh—t artists, [and] I think they totally have an agenda,” he said.

Emphasizing on his previous comments about voting Trump being on the table, Rapaport said, “I have said, you know, after going down the rabbit hole, that at this point, when we’re doing this interview, voting for Trump is on the table. I will not support anybody who’s anti-Israel, I will not support anybody that is anti-making America safe.”