Mike Lee Calls For Action Against Qatar Over Hamas Support

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) believes the United States should take aggressive measures against Qatar for its alleged support of Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.

Taking to X, Lee wrote, “Qatar has blood on its hands. President Biden should demand that Qatar arrest Hamas leaders and seize their assets. He should make this demand every day — twice on Tuesdays — at least until every hostage has been safely returned. If Qatar refuses, there should be consequences.”

Lee further emphasized the need for the United States to reevaluate its relationship with Qatar due to reports that Qatar is providing a safe haven in its capital city of Doha to top Hamas leaders who are responsible for holding hundreds of hostages in Gaza. It is from Doha that Hamas makes many of its most critical decisions, and the city serves as the headquarters for the Hamas politburo, the main decision-making body of the terror group, led by Chairman Ismail Haniyeh.

“Qatar gives sanctuary to terrorists who committed war crimes against American and Israeli citizens. The United States should revisit its [cozy] relationship with Qatar,” Lee’s tweet on Sunday reads.

“Why does President Biden seem to put more pressure on Israel than on Qatar, which provides sanctuary to the terrorists who comprise the Hamas leadership?” he asked in another tweet.

The Utah lawmaker also offered his perspective on Biden’s interference in the ongoing conflict war between Israel and Hamas, saying, “Israel knows what it needs to do to defeat Hamas. President Biden doesn’t. He should let Israel fight this war. If he wants to apply pressure to solve this problem, he should focus on Hamas and its enablers in Iran, Qatar, and Russia, just to name a few.”

Lee has consistently criticized Qatar and the Biden administration for their handling of Qatar’s alleged ties to terrorism. He has also shown strong support for Israel, as evidenced by his recent Thanksgiving visit to the country.

In a heartwarming post on X, Lee and his wife Sharon were seen spending Thanksgiving with members of the Israel Defense Forces.

His spokesperson, Billy Gribbin, explained that the Senator’s visit was a show of support for Israel and an opportunity to gain more insight into the situation.

“Senator Lee is there to show support for Israel and to learn more about the situation on the ground. He’s also there to see what resources Israel needs to finish the fight against Hamas,” Gribbin stated.