MLK’s Daughter Says Black Men Are ‘More Attracted’ To Trump And His Candidacy

The youngest daughter of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr.,Bernice King believes that President Joe Biden’s chances in this election are slim as there are many black voters who believe that things did not get better for them in his administration.

King, who is chief executive officer of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center For Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, expressed this belief during an interview on Bloomberg Television.

“I think there are people in the black community who are feeling like not a lot has changed, especially economically, in the black community, and I think many of them are being driven by that,” she stated.

“And it’s not speculation, especially black males who seem to be more attracted to Donald Trump and his candidacy, and I think there has to be a plan, a strategy for the Biden administration to really creatively figure out how to reach especially this next generation who’s very disgruntled right now with the Biden administration,” she continued, adding that “this probably is the most defining election of my time.”

Polling has shown that Biden’s support among black voters has tanked and while he currently enjoys a lead over Trump among that demographic, his support has reduced greatly and his lead over Trump is low for a Democratic president.