Netanyahu Stands Firm As Macron Criticizes Israeli Actions In Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood firm against French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for a cessation of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Macron’s demand came in the wake of a terror attack that claimed the lives of 1,200 Israelis last month.

Macron asserted that there is “no justification” for the precision airstrikes, calling for a “humanitarian pause leading to a ceasefire.”

However, it is important to note that Israel has been tirelessly working for the past month to evacuate as many civilians as possible from the conflict zone in northern Gaza. The Israeli military has gone above and beyond, even opening up safe corridors for tens of thousands of civilians making their way to southern Gaza. Israel’s commitment to protecting innocent lives cannot be denied.

Macron, in an interview with the BBC, stated, “These babies, these ladies, these old people are bombed and killed.” While these words resonate with the value of human life, the complexity of the situation cannot be overlooked. 

Israel has released footage showing numerous instances where precision strikes were called off because civilians were detected in the vicinity. Conversely, there have been countless examples of Hamas using civilians as human shields—a clear violation of international law.

In response to Macron’s demands, Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized, “The responsibility for any harm to civilians lies with Hamas-ISIS and not with Israel.” 

He went on to highlight the root cause of this conflict: the brutal murder of hundreds of Israelis and the hostage situation involving over 200 Israelis.

“It must be remembered that Israel entered the war due to that terrorist organisation’s brutal murder of hundreds of Israelis and holding hostage more than 200 Israelis,” he stated. “While Israel does everything in its power to avoid harming civilians and urges them to leave the battle areas, Hamas-ISIS is doing all it can to prevent them from moving to safe areas and uses them as human shields.”

“Hamas-ISIS is cruelly holding our people hostage—women, children, the elderly—and thus committing a crime against humanity,” he added.

Netanyahu also shed light on Hamas’s tactics, pointing out that they have been using schools, mosques, and hospitals as terrorist “command centers.” These actions further complicate efforts to protect civilians while targeting terrorists.