NYC Mulls Removing Statue Of Founding Fathers 

In a move that’s causing waves of concern among conservative circles, the Big Apple is considering a measure that could see statues of Founding Fathers like George Washington and Christopher Columbus toppled. As the city grapples with a staggering immigration crisis draining billions from taxpayers, the move is sparking outrage.

The proposal, set to be discussed at the city council’s Tuesday agenda, seeks to mandate the Public Design Commission to draft a plan for the removal of artworks on city property that depict individuals who either owned enslaved persons, economically profited from slavery or were involved in systemic crimes against indigenous peoples and other crimes against humanity.

If this bill passes, George Washington, seen as the Father of the Nation, could potentially be removed from the public eye, including the iconic statue in Union Square Park. The statue of Christopher Columbus, too, would be subjected to this measure amongst others.

Moreover, if the PDC chooses not to remove such artworks, they would be compelled to include an explanatory plaque alongside the piece, detailing the historical context. Additionally, the Department of Transportation may be required to collaborate with the Department of Education to install plaques near schools named after individuals meeting these criteria.

But this is not the only contentious issue on the city’s agenda. There are other proposals, including one that calls for the Commission on Racial Equity to establish a Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation process linked to the city’s historic involvement in slavery. Another proposal seeks to create an anti-racism training program for employees of human services contractors.

This move comes after the removal of the Thomas Jefferson statue from NYC’s City Hall in 2021.

The erasure of historical figures has drawn criticism from many Republicans, echoing former President Donald Trump’s concerns from years ago when he predicted that the far-left would eventually turn on the Founding Fathers. 

“This week, it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder, is George Washington next week, and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You really do have to ask yourself: ‘Where does it stop?’” he asked, condemning the removal of statues and monuments and emphasizing that while history can’t be changed, there’s much to learn from it.

He also took to Twitter to voice his criticism.

While city officials are engrossed in debates over statues, New York City residents are grappling with a pressing immigration crisis that threatens to cost them up to a staggering $12 billion. According to Democrat Mayor Eric Adams, “nearly 100,000 asylum seekers” are seeking shelter from the city.