Record Breaking Number Of Border Crossings Recorded In December

December came with the highest total number of migrant encounters in a single month at the U.S.- Mexico border. As reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 302,034 encounters were seen at both entry ports and between entry ports at the border in December. The encounters in December brought the total number of crossings for the fiscal year 2024 to 785,000.

Out of the 302,034 encounters at the border, 249,785 of them were illegal.

The border section in Eagle Pass, Texas and Tucson, Arizona are the sites that have seen the most influx of illegal entries. In a bid to curb the entries in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott seized operational control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass and had concertina wire deployed over the border area to prevent crossings.

The Supreme Court has given federal border patrol agents the authority to take down the wire. But Abbott is fighting the ruling, saying that the state has the right to protect its border from “invasion.” Hence, officials have continued to deploy the wire.

Meanwhile, the House is moving closer to its plan to hold Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas responsible for his poor handling of the border as recorn number of migrants continue to cross the southern border every day.

The House Homeland Security Committee will be moving forward on impeachment articles against the Biden admin official.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, the committee chairman Mark Green confirmed the committee’’s plans, saying, “Secretary Mayorkas has outdone himself yet again—never have we seen such catastrophic numbers, even with historically high encounter numbers on his watch. December’s numbers serve as more undeniable proof that Secretary Mayorkas must be impeached.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) laid the committee’s plan out in a letter to fellow House Republicans, saying, “When we return next week, by necessity, the House Homeland Security Committee will move forward with Articles of Impeachment against Secretary Mayorkas. A vote on the floor will be held as soon as possible thereafter.”