Tim Scott Vows To Finish Trump’s Border Wall As President

In a recent interview on Fox News, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) made a bold promise to finish what former President Donald Trump began at the U.S.-Mexico border if he’s elected in 2024. Scott’s remarks come in the wake of mounting concerns about the ongoing border crisis and the Biden administration’s handling of the situation.

Scott didn’t mince words when he criticized Democrats for what he sees as their lack of understanding of the border issue. He expressed his frustration with the current administration for selling supplies originally intended for wall construction. 

“As a guy who spends some time in Washington, but a whole lot of time in South Carolina, I can just say to the leaders of this nation today, bless your heart, which is a Southern way of saying you guys just don’t get it,” he stated.

The senator went on to commend Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for his innovative approach to the crisis, particularly his migrant bussing program.

“Biden refuses to fix a fixable problem at our southern border,” Scott declared, emphasizing that the solution lies not in selling off construction materials but in utilizing them to complete the wall. 

“As president of the United States, I will fix our southern border by closing it and finishing the wall, using $5 billion to employ military-grade technology available today on our borders,” he further asserted.

In response to President Joe Biden’s recent explanation that Trump spent “four years gutting the immigration system,” which he claims led to the current immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, Scott pushed back. 

He argued that “Washington is out of touch with the rest of the nation” and highlighted the need for change in the nation’s capital. “One of the reasons we need change in the nation’s capital is that Washington is so consistently broken that the American people don’t trust the people in Washington. I understand that,” Scott said.

While Scott remains committed to addressing the border issue and targeting President Biden’s handling of it, he’s also navigating a competitive Republican presidential primary, where former President Donald Trump currently enjoys a significant lead over other candidates.