U.S. Govt. Covering Up Some Knowledge Of UFO, Author Says

A journalist who wrote a book on UFOs is claiming that the U.S. government knows more about UFOs than it is letting on. In an exclusive interview with NBC News Now, Garrett Graff, the renowned author of “UFO: The Inside Story of the U.S. Government’s Search for Alien Life Here — and Out There,” tried to draw attention to the existence of unexplained phenomena in our airspace.

According to him, these unidentified objects might be either advanced adversary technology or scientific anomalies in fields such as meteorology and astronomy. As he put it: “There are things out there in our airspace that we do not understand what they are and that those could represent exquisite new adversary technology, but they could also represent science that we don’t understand.”

“I believe that … the government is covering up some level of its knowledge and understanding about what some of those things are both in in terms of what chunk of that is our government’s own secret development programs — you know planes, drones, new technologies that we’re working on — as well as what we’re sensing and detecting of advanced adversary technology being tested against U.S. forces or around U.S. airspace,” he added.

Graff, however, does not think what the government is hiding is any “meaningful knowledge of alien spacecraft, alien visitors, extraterrestrial contact.”

“I just don’t see the extraordinary evidence or the fingers of the cover up that one would expect if that was in fact the case,” he said.

When Chuck Todd, the host, pressed Graff on government efforts to explain away reports of mysterious sightings, Graff acknowledged a shift since 2017, when The New York Times exposed the Pentagon’s covert UFO study efforts.

He noted that since then, national security discussions on the matter have grown more serious among policymakers in Washington and Capitol Hill.

True to Graff’s claim, bipartisan House and Senate members, including Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), have spearheaded efforts to enhance disclosure through legislative action. Burchett, who launched the House UAP Caucus this year and was at the interview alongside Graff, emphasized the public’s thirst for information and transparency in this regard.

“Why are these people on there? And you know as well as I do when they do these things — and it wasn’t Chuck Schumer that wrote it, obviously; it’s a staffer with input from somebody from the outside. Do they have somebody already in mind? And are they already committed to one train of thought or the other? I just don’t like this,” he stated.