Arkansas Homeowner Thinks Outside The Box To Fix Roof

A 24-year-old homeowner in Arkansas has gone viral due to her handling of a leaky roof in her three-bedroom home in Little Rock. It all began when Terah Meishalyn discovered her leaky roof would require a hefty $10,000 repair not long after she bought the house and moved in. 

Frustrated by the unexpected expense and her insurance provider’s refusal to cover it, she devised a unique and humorous plan to raise the funds.

Speaking to Kennedy News, Meishalyn said, “I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, how am I going to scrape together $10,000 for an issue that clearly needs to be fixed soon? I was obviously feeling a little bit down about that and figured I might as well use humor to deal with the situation because I could either laugh or cry.”

To tackle the issue head-on, Meishalyn orchestrated a playful photoshoot on her rooftop, capturing a series of “silly” images. She posted these photos to a Facebook group where people seek advice and recommendations. Little did she know that her lighthearted approach would resonate with many, quickly accumulating thousands of likes and comments.

“People started commenting, like, ‘Just start an OnlyFans – make money that way,’” Meishalyn explained, referring to the popular online platform for creators to share exclusive content with subscribers.

Intrigued by the concept, she embarked on a brief experiment, capturing a couple of suggestive photos on the roof while wearing a black leotard. “I have a job, but I would consider myself pretty and thought that I probably could make a decent amount on OnlyFans, and it would be a very quick way to scrape together that money,” she shared.

“I thought it would be really funny if I started maybe doing suggestive photo shoots on my roof, it’s definitely very out of the ordinary, right? Most people, if they’re posting raunchy photos, they’re just in a bed or sitting on a chair or something,” she added.

However, she soon realized that the avenue was not the right fit for her.

“In no way shape or form do I look down on anyone who [posts risque photos to OnlyFans] to make money, but just after looking at the content, I didn’t think I was cut out for it or could do that,” she told Kennedy News.

While Meishalyn decided to leave the world of risqué photography behind, she remains determined to find a solution for her leaky roof through a GoFundMe page a friend set for her, and other options. In the meantime, a local roofing company in Little Rock will be helping her patch the roof with a tarp to protect it from further damage during storms.

Meishalyn’s unconventional approach to resolving her roofing dilemma has sparked conversations on social media. While some individuals’ interests were piqued, others have criticized her move as unnecessary and inappropriate.