Trump: Biden Won’t Secure Dem’s Presidential Ticket

While many believe that President Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party’s candidate in next year’s presidential election, former President Donald Trump believes that might not be the case. During a town hall event in Iowa on Tuesday, the GOP front-runner predicted that the president might not get his party’s ticket.

“I personally don’t think he makes it,” he said, speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Hannity brought up Biden’s cognitive struggles, as well as his drop in influence with “strong Democratic voices,” including CNN political commentator David Axelrod and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.

“I can’t think of in the last couple of months any appearance that he’d had where he wasn’t either mumbling or bumbling or stumbling or having no clue where to go, where to exit. Now my question is: Do you think in 11 months he will be their candidate?” he asked.

In response, Trump said, “I think he’s in bad shape physically. Do you remember when he said, ‘I’d like to take him behind the barn’?”

Blowing air from his mouth, Trump joked that the breeze from his mouth would be enough to make Biden fall over “if he took me behind the barn.”

Addressing the double standards in reactions to his statements and those made by Biden, Trump added, “And by the way, it was okay for him to say that. He could say that and everybody thought it was so cute. If I ever said it, they’d say, ‘He’s a dictator, he’s a horrible human being.’ You know it’s a whole double standard we have, not only in the law but just about everything else, as you know very well.”

He then went on to emphasize his belief that Biden might not make it “physically” or “mentally.”

“I watched him at the beach. He wasn’t able to lift a beach chair which is meant for children to lift… and mentally I would say he’s possibly equally as bad and maybe worse,” he explained.

Trump then went for people who surround Biden in the White House. To him, they are not only “smart people,” but “evil people,” “bad people” and “young, vicious…communists.”

Trump’s town hall-style event comes a night ahead of the fourth Republican primary debate. Like other debates, the former president will be absent as he has made his lack of interest in the debates known right from the first one in August.

With five qualifying candidates left, the war of words will be between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, biotech executive Vivek Ramaswamy and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.