Trump Crushes Mexican President’s $20 Billion Demand From Biden Admin

If it was left to former President Donald Trump, Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador would not be getting a dime out of the $20 billion he demanded from the U.S. to help his government deal with the surge in migrants which has caused a crisis in the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

Trump made this clear during an interview on “One Nation,” when host Brian Kilmeade brought up López Obrador’s interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” about a week ago.

“On ‘60 Minutes,’ the president of Mexico says, ‘We’re not going to shut down our border until you change your policy on Cuba and change your policy on Venezuela.’ Is it OK for the Mexican president to dictate American policy?” Kilmeade asked.

In response, Trump stated, “Well, he said much more than that. He said he wants $10 billion essentially just to talk, $10 billion to talk, and that’s come out since, and no, that wouldn’t happen with me, with the wall.”

When Kilmeade asked “what changed,” Trump stated, “It’s very simple: lack of respect for the president. They would never say that to me. They would never say before we even talk. They want $10 billion a year, Mexico just asked for $10 billion a year. They would never ask it. I wouldn’t give them 10 cents.”

“The most important day in the history of our country is going to be November 5th. Our country is going bad, and it’s going to be changed on November 5th, and if it’s not changed, we’re not going to have a country anymore,” he added.

During his “60 Minutes” interview, López Obrador repeated demands he made in January to the U.S. in exchange for Mexican government support in cutting down the surge of migrants into the U.S. The Mexican leader had not only demanded that the U.S. commit $20 billion yearly to countries in Latin America and the Carribeans, he also asked for Mexican illegal immigrants in the U.S. who are law-abiding to be given citizenship and for sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba to be lifted.

Unless the U.S. meets the demands he made, the Mexican president said that the “flow of migrants” into the U.S. will continue.