Two Dead, Four Wounded In Israel Terror Attack

A terrorist gunman fired shots at a crowded bus stop close to the southern town of Kiryat Malakhi in Israel. The incident happened about 15 miles north of the Gaza Strip where Israel launched its retaliatory operation Hamas terrorists for over four months.

Two people were killed in the shooting and four others wounded.

The dead victims were transported to Kaplan Medical Center after the shooting. However, they did not survive their wounds and were declared dead at the hospital.

The gunman was reportedly killed, according to police and an AFP photographer who witnessed the incident. Police said that he was “neutralized” by a civilian per Breitbart News. But according to The Times of Israel, an off-duty IDF reservist officer shot and killed him.

Authorities did not provide details on the attacker but determined that he was acting alone. Israel’s police chief Kobi Shabtai, however, told reporters that a national level alert has been raised.

Addressing the attack, Israel Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “I send heartfelt condolences to the families of those who were murdered in the terrorist attack at Re’em Junction, and am praying for the wounded. This attack reminds us that the entire country is on the frontline and that the murderers, who come not only from Gaza, want to kill us all.”

“We will continue to fight until total victory, with all our might, on every front, everywhere, until we restore the security and quiet for all citizens of Israel,” he added.

The terror attack comes amid Israel’s war against Hamas terrorist group in Gaza. It also comes days after a Palestinian terrorist tried to stab soldiers with the Israel Defense Force at the Hussan Junction close to Judea’s ultra-Orthodox city of Beitar Illit.