Biden Admin’s Move On Islamophobia Raises Concerns Amid Rise In Anti-Semitism

In the wake of last month’s terror attack by the Islamic group Hamas against Israel, the world has witnessed a disturbing rise in anti-Semitic incidents and attacks. However, the Biden administration has chosen to focus on something else entirely – Islamophobia.

The White House on Wednesday announced the nation’s first strategy to counter Islamophobia in a statement that read, “President Biden ran for office to restore the soul of our nation. He is unequivocal: there is no place for hate in America against anyone. Period.”

“For too long, Muslims in America, and those perceived to be Muslim, such as Arabs and Sikhs, have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks and other discriminatory incidents,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre added.

The statement went on to cite the brutal murder of a 6-year-old Muslim boy, an act believed to have been carried out by a landlord in response to the terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas militants.

Vice President Kamala Harris also took to X with the news, emphasizing the importance of “taking on hate” as a national priority. She tweeted, “Today, @POTUS and I are announcing the country’s first National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia. This action is the latest step forward in our work to combat a surge of hate in America.”

Included in the post was a video in which she explained the need for such a strategy, stating, “For years, Muslims in America and those perceived to be Muslim have endured a disproportionate number of hate-fueled attacks. As a result of the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, we have seen an uptick in anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, anti-Semitic, and Islamophobic incidents across America, including the brutal attack of a Palestinian-American woman, who is Muslim, and the killing of her 6-year-old son.”

The administration immediately faced criticism from many who accused them of focusing on the wrong form of hatred, especially in light of the worldwide anti-Semitic incidents and attacks that followed Israel’s Oct. 7 attack by Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas responded, “After the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and a breakout of pro-Hamas activism on campus, the White House is claiming Islamophobia is our top concern.”

Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) expressed his concern, saying, “Anti-Semitism is at the highest level since NAZI Germany, and the Biden admin decides to launch an anti-Islamophobia effort. I have absolutely no idea how anyone who cares about the survival of Jewish people could vote for any member of the Democratic Party.”

Author Abigail Shrier questioned the administration’s approach, saying, “On one hand, the administration is responding to the immediate physical danger of its Jewish citizenry with a task force to combat… Islamophobia. On the other, it assigned the least competent member of the entire federal government to head the effort. Unclear which side should take greater offense.”

Former U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt drew attention to an anti-Semitic hate crime that occurred in Las Vegas. He tweeted, “Today, a wall in a large Jewish community in Las Vegas was tagged with ‘Death 2 Jews.’ This is just one example of many hateful acts of antisemitism we’ve seen across the country. Our VP should be prioritizing stopping the hate against the Jewish community right now.”

While some view this as a misplacement of priorities by the Biden administration, others suggest it is a tactical move, as they believe the administration is trying to appeal to Muslims, citing recent polling that shows plummeting support for Democrats and Biden among Arab Americans. According to one poll from the Arab American Institute, support for Democrats among Arab-Americans fell from 59% in 2020 to 35% after the attack in Israel.