‘Broke Don’: Biden Campaign Unveils Trump Nickname

In an attempt to get under former President Donald Trump’s skin as the 2024 presidential race gets closer, President Joe Biden’s campaign has given Trump a nickname. In an email to supporters on Thursday, the Biden-Harris campaign called Trump “Broke Don,” in an apparent jab at his financial situation and his mounting legal fees.

“Not a Winning Campaign: Broke Don Hides in Basement. Trump can’t raise money, isn’t campaigning, and is letting convicts and conspiracy theorists run his campaign,” the email read.

The jab follows a report filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission which shows that the Biden campaign had $75 million cash at the end of February. Combined with funds owned by the Democratic National Committee, the president has $97.5 million to back his bid, double of the money the Trump campaign and the RNC have combined. Per POLITICO, both the president’s campaign and the committee have $44.8 million altogether.

With the Trump moniker, the Biden campaign appears to have taken a page out of Trump’s playbook, as the GOP presumptive nominee is known for giving his political opponents nicknames. During his 2016 campaign, he named former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary,” a name he still calls her till date.

His nickname for Biden is “Sleepy Joe” and “Crooked Biden.”

Trump’s Republican opponents are not exempt from being nicknamed by the former president, as he called Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) “Lying Ted” when they were both primary opponents for their 2020 presidential election. Until his 2024 primary opponent, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis quit the race and endorsed him, Trump called him “DeSanctimonous.”

While giving his opponents a nickname is Trump’s style, some political strategists see the strategy as a wrong one for the Biden campaign to adopt.

Speaking to The Hill, a Democratic strategist spoke against the move, saying that “mimicking Trump has been done before and has never really worked.”

“You can’t out-Trump Trump because he’s the original version. I would say they need to be more creative in producing their own original and unique strategy to bring him down a peg that shocks and awes,” the strategist added.