Biden Is ‘Uninspiring,’ Charlamagne tha God Says

Charlamagne tha God took a huge swipe at President Joe Biden on Sunday when he called him an uninspiring candidate. According to the radio host, Biden’s “uninspiring” nature is the reason people do not “want to listen to him.”

Charlamagne made the remarks during a conversation with ABC host Jonathan Karl, who asked him the reason why voters do not resonate with Biden’s claims about Trump being a threat to democracy.

“He’s just an uninspiring candidate, like, you know, there’s nothing about Joe Biden that makes you want to listen to him,” Charlamagne stated, adding that the president should lean on “people who are more inspiring than him, who are more charismatic than him” such as California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro.

“And he should just be, I guess if you want to call it the brains of the operation behind the scenes. Like that sounds crazy that we’re saying that about a president of the United States of America, but he has no main character energy at all,” he added.

For the radio host, Biden being “uninspiring” is not about his age but about his nature, as he pointed to Trump’s youthfulness despite being only a few years younger than Biden.

In his words, “Donald Trump is, what, four years, three years younger than President Biden. But he just comes off a lot more youthful. He comes off, you know, like he has a lot more energy. And I always say this about him. Donald Trump seems more sincere about his lies than Joe Biden does about his truth.”

After reinforcing Democrats’ assertions that Trump is a threat to democracy, Charlamagne was asked if Vice President Kamala Harris, who he also suggested Biden should lean on, has met his expectations.

“No she hasn’t,” he responded. “But, I don’t think it’s too late for her to pivot. You know, I think that right now, historically, vice presidents have always kind of played their role. Their role is to just basically parrot the president, you know, speak on behalf of the president. She serves a unique purpose, right? Because she is the first woman of color in that position. So there is things that she could talk about, things that she could say that he can’t.”

During the interview, Charlamagne also shared how he gets blowback from the White House whenever he criticizes Biden publicly.

“…I think that’s the stupidest shit ever, because I think that … because I feel like you should be able to criticize whoever your elected official is, right? And even [if] I do criticize them, I’m criticizing them because of what I see coming up in November. I see what we’re facing. So what I’m saying to them, ‘Where is the sense of urgency? You can’t keep saying that there’s a, a threat to democracy, and democracy as we know it is going to be, be gone, but not act like it,” he stated.