Raskin Blasts Supreme Court, Says It Should Be Moved To RNC Headquarters

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) attacked the Supreme Court last week during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut.”

Taking issue with the Supreme Court’s questions during the oral arguments on immunity for former President Donald Trump in his election interference case on Thursday, Raskin sarcastically suggested that the high court should be moved to the Republican National Committee headquarters.

“They’re politicians who are not even subject to popular election, unlike me. They should move the Supreme Court over to the RNC headquarters because they’re acting like a bunch of partisan operatives,” he said, adding, “The most astonishing thing for me today was Justice Alito’s question he actually asked whether holding the president criminally accountable for actual crimes committed whether murder or coup or you name it, whether holding them accountable would actually encourage them to stage more violent coups to stay in office to avoid prosecution, which buys completely into Donald Trump’s narcissistic criminal worldview. I mean, for all of American history, we’ve said presidents are subject to criminal prosecution if they commit crimes.”

“Now they say, well, if you’re really mean to Donald Trump, and you hold him accountable the way every other American citizen is accountable, then he’ll really overthrow the government. He’ll really bring out the big guns, and we can’t afford that. That is a kind of masochistic capitulationism to Donald Trump’s authoritarianism. Of course you’ve got to hold the president accountable to the law — it’s the basic premise of our law that no one is above the law, including the president, he added.

Reiterating his stance against the justices for their questions at the hearing again, Raskin continued, “Now we’ve got a bunch of justices who are asking questions that indicate that they are as corrupted as members of Congress who I served with.”

Raskin has always casted doubts on the Supreme Court when it comes to issues relating to Trump. After the court agreed in February to hear Trump’s presidential immunity claim, he took to CNN to call for engagement of the people, as he basically said the Supreme Court can’t be completely trusted.

“Obviously, we can’t put all of our hopes in the Supreme Court. The people need to be engaged and aroused at this point to demand that there be justice but also to be organizing for the election, everybody needs to be vigilant,” he said.

The lawmaker also criticized the court’s ruling early March that Trump cannot be removed from states’ primary ballots based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

Claiming that the Supreme Court “punted” in its decision that any potential removal of Trump from presidential ballots is up to Congress, he announced that he and other lawmakers are working on legislation that can disqualify “someone who committed insurrection” by section 3 of the 14th Amendment.