Biden Says He Would Like To Debate Trump, Trump Responds

President Joe Biden, on Friday, expressed willingness to debate former President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show, Stern asked Biden if he would agree to Trump’s request in March for a debate. In response, Biden said, “I am somewhere. I am happy to debate him.”

After Biden’s remarks hit the news, Trump took to Truth Social to challenge his political rival further.

“Crooked Joe Biden just announced that he’s willing to debate! Everyone knows he doesn’t really mean it, but in case he does, I say, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, an old expression used by Fighters,” he wrote.

“I suggest Monday Evening, Tuesday Evening, or Wednesday Evening at my Rally in Michigan, a State that he is in the process of destroying with his E.V. Mandate,” he continued, adding, “In the alternative, he’s in New York City today, although probably doesn’t know it, and so am I, stuck in one of the many Court cases that he instigated as ELECTION INTERFERENCE AGAINST A POLITICAL OPPONENT – A CONTINUING WITCH HUNT! It’s the only way he thinks he can win. In fact, let’s do the Debate at the Courthouse tonight – on National Television, I’ll wait around!”

Trump reiterated in a video message to Americans that he is “ready” to debate Biden anytime he wants.

During his conversation with Stern on Friday, Biden also said he would have liked to fight Trump when they were children, repeating a previously-admitted fantasy about getting into a physical confrontation with his political rival.

Biden said that he would have liked to meet Trump “head to head” as a child in the neighborhood while he and Stern were talking about his speech difficulties as a child.

“But by that time, I was over most of the stuttering, but like, for example, you know, I mean, Trump makes fun of me. Here’s the kind of guy in the neighborhood you wish you could have gotten in the neighborhood and meet head to head,” he stated.

The president had indicated a will to fight Trump multiple times in the past, the first known time being in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was the Democratic presidential nominee going against Trump.

“The press always asks me, don’t I wish I were debating him? No, I wish we were in high school; I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish,” he said during a campaign for Clinton while he was vice president.

In response, Trump said that he would “love that,” mocking Biden as a “Mr. Tough Guy” who is only tough “when he’s standing behind a microphone by himself.”