Democrat Strategist Puts Blame Of Potential Democrats Loss On Israel

Democrat strategist James Carville said over the weekend that it would be Israel’s fault if the Democratic Party loses in the upcoming elections in November. During an interview with MSNBC on Sunday, Carville drew a connection between Israel’s response to Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Oct. 7 and U.S. elections.

“This Gaza stuff, this is not just a problem with some snot-nosed Ivy League people. This is a problem all across the country. And I hope the president and Blinken can get this thing calmed down because if it doesn’t get calmed down before the Democratic convention, it’s going to be a very ugly time in Chicago. I promise you that,” he said.

“No matter what happens, I know it’s a huge problem. And the uncommitted will do fairly well. And Trump got 60% in the South Carolina Republican primary and we had idiots in the press saying he ran away with it. Well McCarthy got 40% in New Hampshire and that got Lyndon Johnson out of the race. So uncommitted gets 40%, that’s going to be not a particularly positive sign. But we already know. You and I know that this is a problem in the party,” he added.

Carville went on to say that Biden needs to tell Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Hey, dude, we are not going to lose our election because you stand to go to jail. You have to think of something else.”

According to the political strategist, the U.S. government needs to put “pressure” on Netanyahu “to de-escalate this thing, and quickly,” as the prime minister has shown “negligence” in his response to the war.

Carville’s remarks come as Biden is pushing a “two-state solution” in a dance that caters to the anti-Israel left while also trying to keep touch with the majority of U.S. voters who would not support the idea of turning on the Israeli people amid a war.

Netanyahu, is, however, fending off all international pressure to stop its retaliatory attack before its goals of destroying Hamas and freeing its nationals taken hostage by Hamas.

Netanyahu reiterated his stance on Sunday, saying that “no international pressure will stop us from realizing all of the goals of the war: Eliminating Hamas, freeing all of our hostages and ensuring that Gaza never again constitutes a threat to Israel.”