DeSantis, Haley Would Pardon Trump If He Is Convicted

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley are willing to pardon former President Donald Trump if he gets convicted on any of the charges he faces.

Per a report by The Washington Post, the two GOP presidential candidates said during their campaign trail that the country should move forward and heal divisions the situation brings to the country.

Asked by a 9-year-old boy during a campaign stop at a New Hampshire campaign, Haley said “I would pardon Trump if he is found guilty.”

“A leader needs to think about what’s in the best interest of the country. What’s in the best interest of the country is not to have an 80-year-old man sitting in jail that continues to divide our country.”

She went on to say that pardoning Trump and moving on as a country if he ever gets convicted would be in the best interest of the country.

In her words, “What’s in the best interest of the country would be to pardon him so that we can move on as a country and no longer talk about him.”

During a campaign event in Iowa, DeSantis expressed the same sentiments, as he said, “We got to move on as a country.”

He went further, saying, “It’s like Ford did to Nixon. Because you just, you know, the divisions are just not in the country’s interest.”

The two have previously made the promise of pardon to Trump should they win the presidential election next year. However, there are suggestions that their promises are not just about their love for Trump, but a strategy.

According to David Axelrod, who served as a top adviser to former President Barack Obama, the two GOPpresidential candidates might be trying to appeal to Trump who has the biggest support base so far among all candidates vying for the Republican Party’s presidential ticket.

“One unstated reason @RonDeSantis & @NikkiHaley have pledged pardons for Trump: fear of what the former president might instruct his supporters in the fall campaign to do if he’s NOT the nominee,” Axelrod stated.