Florida Moviegoer Violently Beats Up Another Patron Over Reserved Seats

In a shocking incident at a movie theater in Broward County, Florida on the evening of July 10, a 63-year-old man was allegedly attacked during a dispute over seating, leaving him with head and face injuries. 

According to reports from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the victim and his wife had purchased VIP tickets at the AMC Theater on 2315 North Federal Highway with advanced seating for the movie they were about to watch at the Pompano Beach theater. However, upon entering the theater, they found another man and woman occupying their reserved seats.

The victim, exercising his right to the seats he had paid for, politely requested the couple to vacate them, per authorities. However, the situation quickly escalated as the man occupying the seats became hostile. Witnesses reported that the man aggressively confronted the victim, forcing him to take a step back and eventually lose his balance, tumbling down the theater stairs.

The situation took an even more disturbing turn when the alleged attacker, standing above the fallen victim, repeatedly punched him in the face. As seen in a recording of the incident, the alleged assailant shoved the elderly victim up against a railing while he punched him several times.

At some point, other moviegoers intervened, rushing to the victim’s aid and pulling the attacker away from him.

The video capturing the incident has been circulating widely, showing the altercation and the apparent lack of remorse from the alleged attacker and the woman accompanying him. The pair left the theater after the incident, seemingly unfazed by the consequences of their actions.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation to find the alleged assailant, who they say delivered a “worst performance.”


Authorities are seeking public assistance in their efforts to identify and locate him. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has urged anyone with information about the incident to come forward and share it with Detective Lacey Fitzpatrick at 954-601-5905 or through the SaferWatch app.

A close-up image of the suspect, clad in red shorts, a black printed T-shirt, and a necklace, has been released to the public to aid in the search.